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Profile - Mark Alexander

I joined the financial services industry in 1987 and soon found a niche in working with medical professionals arranging their personal mortgages and practice finance.

I co-founded The Money Centre in 1990. In June 1989 I purchased a three bedroom detached bungalow for £73,000. By June 1992, its value had fallen to £42,000 and times were tough. I couldn't afford to live in the property any longer as interest rates had hit 15%, I had a newborn daughter and I had become the only income earner in the house. Due to negative equity the property couldn't be sold so moving out was the only option. I decided to let the property and rent elsewhere. The rent I received didn't completely cover the mortgage payments but I was marginally better off as the rent was lower and I scraped by. Times move on and I still own the bungalow. It is worth well over double and approaching treble what I paid for it now. It has been remortgaged several times, allowing me to use the cash released as deposits for further properties and to provide liquidity for a rainy day.

Rental income is the life blood of any property investment business. Finding the right tenants, securing rental streams, keeping costs to a minimum and operating tax efficiently requires skill and most of all reliable advice and contacts. Above all though, having a strategy and the people skills to ensure that my plan was implemented effectively was the most crucial.

I have continued to follow this strategy across my portfolio of properties and businesses and I continue to invest every year. This strategy has allowed me to build a multimillion pound portfolio of residential investment property as well as a variety of successful businesses. I am considered to be a leading authority in the property industry which has resulted in me working alongside regulators, the Bank of England and various companies where my skill sets have been transferable.

Over the years I have shared my experiences with anybody who cared to listen via public speaking and electronic communications. I have helped thousands of landlords to build highly lucrative portfolios of investment property and businesses by sharing my own experiences and theirs.

Property has been my chosen medium to achieve financial independence; however, financial wealth alone is not enough for me. I am driven by prestige. I have a contagious passion for people development and my enthusiasm is renowned by clients and suppliers alike. As I inspire and motivate people we all prosper together. These are the qualities which I believe have been the key in helping me develop such a diverse range of successful teams.

If you would like to meet me in person or to introduce me to your team I am available for public speaking, training and consultancy both in the UK and internationally.

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Specialist subjects include:

•  Property Investment (minimising risks, maximising returns, cashflow, tax avoidance)

•  The mindset of a millionaire (goal planning, attitude, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), inspiration, people development)