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Profile - Mike Woodfine

I left the Army in 1989 after 14 years of service ready for a complete career change. The Armed Forces teaches many skills and not all concerned with warfare. Teamwork, Discipline, Flexibility and Respect were all key attitudes and vital to fulfilling your role. In the Army you were part of a family and in some ways remote from normal civilian life so leaving and venturing into the world of Financial Services was certainly daunting. However, once I had learned the tools of the trade and combined them with skills already acquired, became an individual focused on providing the best possible service to clients and those dependant upon our abilities to protect their interests.

My role developed to encompass operational functions so vital to any organisation, legal's, accounting, regulation, HR, support, anything requiring attention to detail. Also, as a company we had moved into unknown territory - Buy to Let was never considered an industry in its own right, so there were many pitfalls which had to be dealt with. Being able to work at the sharp end in a customer facing environment is vital to progress any business and without a solid support unit you run the risk of compromise. The "Team" has to work as a cohesive unit to achieve the goals you set yourself.

Mark Alexander was responsible for recruiting me into Financial Services - he was "sharp end", I was "support" - a perfect combination. Skills we lacked were brought in and growing a business never became an issue. Our team was dynamic and shared the same vision, the service we provide to our customer is crucial to not only our success but theirs too and if they succeed we succeed. All we learnt was shared with those we worked for to strengthen their ability to progress in the right direction.

The "Credit Crunch" may have devastated many industry sectors however it is those companies which make provisions for unforeseen eventualities which are better placed for survival. Opportunities exist for those brave enough to seek them out and if you have also preserved your core principles your future is bright.

I am an integral part of the team now building on our successes to reposition ourselves within the market place. Our clients deserve a comprehensive menu of services which are designed to protect what they have built or are building. New challenges exist and the need to get it right is crucial - those in a supporting role have never been so important.

Outside work I am very much family and friends orientated - likes include short breaks and motorsports but I don't get far away from bricks and mortar - there's always a project on the go whether it be refurbishment or rebuild. Relaxation comes in many forms and knocking the odd wall down does it for me!