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Buy to Let Advice: Tips on Getting Started

The first step is to speak to three established Property Managers in your area and explain that you are planning to invest in buy to let. These can easily be sourced via the internet. They will be more than happy to provide advice on: demand, preferred areas, property types, rental incomes and tenants in return for an opportunity to discuss their letting and management services with you.

Choosing the right location and property can make or break your long-term investment strategy. Wherever possible, ensure the advice you are getting is independent. Remember, estate agents who also manage properties might try to steer you towards properties they are marketing for sale and this can be a conflict of interests.

University Accommodation Offices are always delighted to hear from prospective new landlords. They know exactly what their students want to rent, the going rates for rents and where their students want to live.

What to do when you find a property

Go back to the Property Managers and ask them for an indication of achievable rents and demand for the properties you are considering. Armed with this information it is time for you to use The Money Centre free to use buy to let mortgage calculator. It is available online 24/7 and will give you an instant indication of the lending available to you.

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