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"I'm a landlord. I don't trust pension providers, my property portfolio is my pension, I don't consider other classes of investment and I don't buy life insurance because my rental income will not stop when I die or become ill."

Is this how you think?

Please consider the following, read our latest strategy articles and take a look at some of the things you may be missing out on.

Our recommended Independent Financial Advisers are able to assist you with:

Life insurance: None of us are immortal and we will all be seriously ill at some point in our lives. But if we knew we were going to have a stroke tomorrow, how much insurance would we buy today and why? We all hope to live in good health until such a time as we have no liabilities, no financial commitments and no dependents. Insurance transfers risk from loved ones to an insurance company. We all have the same choice, pay the premiums or leave our loved ones to risk paying the price.

Life insurance trusts: By placing life insurance policies in to trust you could help to avoid probate delays and protect the plan proceeds from Inheritance Tax

Life insurance bonds: These FSA regulated protection contracts provide a wrapper for all classes of investment, from very low to very high risk, but with added advantages of a variety of several little known but highly effective tax and estate planning opportunities afforded by their life assurance status.

Pensions: Also regulated by the FSA these contracts can be highly efficient tax planning vehicles. Certain contracts can be utilised to purchase commercial property.

Critical illness: Critical illness cover is designed to help provide a financial payout at a crucial time of need for you and your family to cover financial overheads and/or care costs that may be required.

Income protection: An insurance policy to provide a long term monthly income if you become seriously ill enough to prevent you from earning a living over an extended period of time.

Accident, sickness & unemployment: Cover to help provide extra monthly income and financial support if you are unable to work, usually for a maximum period of up to twelve months.

Medical insurance: Health insurance plans to assist you with prompt, private hospital care and treatment

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