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Life Insurance Bonds

A key element of The Money Centre strategy is that cash is king. Where the cash is best invested, for safety, growth prospects and to protect it from claims resulting from long term care or nursing costs is a matter for serious consideration.

Advisors and providers of this form of investment are regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority). This is because the types of investment and the associated risks and potential returns are so diverse. Insurance Bonds can be used as a protective wrapper to invest into everything from cash deposits, gold, gilts, shares, property and overseas markets, so choosing the right advisor and provider are crucial.

Did you know that if you go into long term nursing care and you have over £16,000 in liquid investments, the government can utilise those investments to pay for that care? However, life assurance policies cannot be touched. An insurance bond is a form of life insurance, even though the sum assured may only be 1% more than the total initial investment.

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