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Investment Protection Explained

If you've spent time investing in property now is the time to start thinking about protecting it.

Tomorrow can bring unforeseen circumstances that could put yourself or your loved ones in a position of financial hardship so it makes sense to take action now.

Whether you've purchased property for your retirement, your children or as a general investment, what would happen if you were to die or suffer from a critical illness? Additionally, what would happen to your buy to let investments? Do you have any, or enough, cover in place to plan for these types of eventualities? Who would be able to manage your portfolio on your behalf?

As a property investor you need to make sure you have the right protection in place to potentially extinguish debt and leave your loved ones with the time and space to deal with the emotional situation they could find themselves in.

Our recommended suppliers could help you to achieve financial piece of mind by mitigating such risk and ensuring your policy includes enough cover to pay for professional property management at a time of need.

Our suppliers are Independent Financial Advisors and can tailor your policy to your specific needs at the best possible price. Having said this, price isn't everything. Quality of advice, understanding the needs of a property investor and making sure that solving one problem doesn't create another are equally important. For example, a poorly set up life policy could increase inheritance tax problems.

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Our recommended advisors will:

  • Go through a full fact find and affordability assessment with you to determine your needs
  • Review existing protection policies
  • Create a plan tailored to your individual circumstances
  • Offer you the right solution under no obligation
  • Create the right legal framework to protect you against inheritance tax and probate delays
  • Arrange medical assessments at your convenience
  • Provide you with regular updates on your application progress
  • Regularly review your protection portfolio to ensure you are covered for any lifestyle or legislation changes whilst still obtaining the most suitable policy.